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Heavy ductile cast iron manhole cover for light cast iron

Heavy duty according to the pavement or bear the load required to cover, light nodular cast iron manhole covers are general road, heavy mainly used in the container car or heavy truck through the road.

Heavy ductile iron manhole cover

Nodular cast iron manhole covers: heavy 400KN, type 250KN, light 125KN. Bending strength: average 22MPa impact strength: average 10J/m2; Compression strength: average 25MPa; Tensile strength: average 10MPa; Modulus of elasticity: average 1000MPa; Water absorption rate: 1%; Acid resistance: the sample was soaked in a 20% acid solution of 48h.

No corrosion on the surface and 1% of mass loss.

Heavy ductile cast iron manhole covers 400KN, corrosion-resistant, anti-aging, acid and alkali resistant, high toughness, long life, high bearing capacity, not easily deformed and safe.

Heavy ductile cast iron double-deck well cover is more than 360kN or superci-20 main car. Meet the industry standard rules of "cast iron inspection manhole cover" (heavy cap pressure 360KN, light well cover 210KN).

Features of heavy ductile iron manhole cover:

Long life: corrosion resistant, pollution-free, maintenance free, can be used for more than 50 years.

Carrying capacity: the bearing capacity is far superior to other kinds of products, which can carry high pressure, prevent breakage, vehicle fall and other safety accidents.

Guard against theft: the design of common anti-theft, the new type of anti-theft design, the well cover and well ring are designed with high strength bolts.

Anti-jumping cover: adopt the anti-shock rubber ring to make the vehicle go through without noise and comply with the environmental protection requirement.

Safety is good: the well cover is tightly coupled, it does not produce jumps, stilts, rings, shifts, etc. It is noiseless and safe.

Beauty: beautify the environment of the city, spray black asphalt, make the product look bright and clean.

Anti-skid: there is a special anti-slip pattern on the cover surface, which increases the friction and prevents the pedestrian from slipping and falling because of rain, snow and ice.


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