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How to solve the manhole cover security risks

The manhole cover is not only a part of city beautification, more security issues concerning city residents travel. In general, covers prone to running, jumping, sound and so on, which not only to residents travel brings change, more is a kind of potential safety hazard. The following is to solve some of the cast iron manhole cover safety.

Now the city is the most used ductile cast iron manhole cover is currently best manhole cover, manhole cover compressive strength highest a sledgehammer smashing rotten, the manhole cover and the base integration link, 100 percent security. To effectively solve the security risks of manhole cover!

Model of ductile iron manhole covers in the production process strict fine processing, covers the manufacturers guarantee nodular cast iron manhole cover and the manhole seat is binding site is completely consistent; factory covers specifically designed the dovetail groove, mosaic chloroprene rubber strip is designed three pivot spring lock and four symmetric anti movable supporting point, ensure the seat cover closely integrated, easy to move, an effective solution to the jumping cover, abnormal noise.

In order to prevent the check wellhead displacement, in the inspection well ring set three 120 degree distribution of bolt fixed point, through and the pre embedded bolt riveting, can avoid the well ring displacement caused by the rolling road construction process, improve the anti-theft performance of the well ring. Although the new cast iron manhole cover price is higher than some of the traditional covers, but from a long-term point of view look is very affordable.

On inspection wells of the well ring and covers the manufacturers of the stay ring groove is placed T-shaped rubber strip, rubber ring formation, which prevent the manhole cover running, jumping, ring, increases the manhole cover and the inner bearing ring of port of the surface area, contact, anastomosis area increase, thus eliminating the manhole cover running, jumping, sound phenomenon.

Cast iron manhole covers applied to municipal roads, highways, communications, electricity, tap water, and other school district, park.


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