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The principle and bearing capacity of anti - sinking ductile iron covers

The traditional covers are covered directly above the wellhead, which will transfer the weight of the covers to the well, for a long time, and the subsidence of the well will cause the covers to sink. Unlike conventional covers, the ductile iron covers extend directly into the wellbore to solve the problem of the occurrence of manhole clearance under vehicle rolling.

At the same time, the middle of the covers to install the tape, can play a role in shock. The covers are covered with three anti-theft locks, the vehicle rolling will not make the covers tilt, not easy to be stolen.

The new anti-sinking ductile iron covers are cast into a roof-like structure in the outer cover of the covers and are buckled in the roadbed so that the pressure on the covers is largely transmitted to the pavement rather than At the same time, the overall structure of the lower part of the covers is at an angle of 45 degrees and in close contact with the roadbed, the same part of the gravity can be transmitted to the roadbed.

Through the combined action of these two structures, the pressure on the well will be much less than the pressure on the use of conventional covers, thus greatly reducing the possibility of sinking.

The new ductile iron covers are fitted with mounting strips on the stand so that when the vehicle passes over the cover, the overall vibration is reduced and the sound is effectively prevented.

Super heavy ductile iron cover covers 500KN pressure is not damaged, carrying capacity much better than the national standard (360KN). Can withstand a variety of heavy truck rolling, effectively prevent the fall caused by the cover of the accident, at the same time, the new ductile iron covers also use a flexible locking device, you can make the cover closely support, to prevent the cover run, move or accidentally open, Thereby effectively reducing the vibration, greatly reducing the possibility of fragmentation around the manhole cover.


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