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The product characteristics of resin composite material manhole cover

The anti-theft performance of resin composite material covers: resin composite covers with unsaturated resin, glass fiber and other materials and steel skeleton special production process is compounded by high pressure grinding a molding material, no recycling value, very difficult to remove the steel (remove the steel cost more than steel value) so it has active security function.

The bearing capacity of the resin covers: the bottom of the pot type structure is special, the stress area increased ten times or even several times. Continuous reinforced fiber used for the material to ensure that the fiber and glass fiber cloth into a whole, so that the product has enough carrying capacity. And meet or exceed the national standard.

The resin covers the long service life: through the use of high performance resin, glass fiber and special production process formula, to ensure the penetration of resin in glass fiber, greatly enhances both adhesion, the material under cyclic loading, without internal injury, so as to ensure the service life of the product, and other resin composite with the same advantages of manhole cover. Put an end to the poor adhesion of the ills.

Resin composite covers both aesthetic and practical, high grade: according to the needs of high-end customers, making complex LOGO and a variety of colors in the personalized design of the same surface of the manhole cover, make the pattern delicate, colorful, clear. According to customer needs and make a variety of stone road with a variety of the same imitation stone surface and color.

Resin composite material manhole cover with high / low temperature, good insulation performance, strong corrosion resistance, corrosion resistant, non-toxic and harmless. No metal additives, the insulation effect on real significance. Can be used in complex and changeable, harsh, demanding places. Products by the national authority to detect the relevant authorities, with obvious acid and alkali, corrosion resistance, anti-aging and other indicators have reached and exceeded the national standard.

Resin composite material manhole cover has the characteristics of environmental protection, anti slip, low noise: the product is not in the car after rolling without slipping, harsh noise and anti phenomenon. At the same time because the product is light weight, cover, seat buckle precision, overcome the other manhole cover "jump, skip, sound, movement and other issues.


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