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What installation methods ductile iron covers

Ductile iron covers a wide range of use, we have seen the advantages of ductile iron manhole covers characteristics and as such also has been one of the mainstream market covers, in order to ensure the normal use of ductile iron covers, pay attention to the quality of the installation, so the exact size installation rugged, easy to open, clean and beautiful appearance. According to the technical standard of manhole covers, formulated the following installation conditions:

1. Before installation, foundation plan covers must be firm, to install wells to determine the size of the inner diameter of the device covers the desired length and width.

2. Manhole covers masonry brickwork should determine its inner diameter or length * width, radius (such as by solid construction, then the best kind), but also the corresponding reference standards in accordance with the Design Institute of the size of manhole covers. Must pay attention to the puzzle wellhead inside diameter matches the inner diameter wells grate covers, the covers should be installed flush with the road surface. Concrete or asphalt laying of the well after casting seat, should be promptly cleaned lid open to prevent the mortar or poured asphalt inspection covers and seat into one, so as not to affect the future open.

3. Well cement pavement when the seat is installed on the wellhead brickwork casting C25 20CM thick concrete ring beam disappearing, be sure to keep the seat of the Quartet really well, the overall smooth, not loose and wide 40CM covers cast concrete protection ring (If it is concrete pavement, also cast concrete 20CM wide circle of protection, and reinforcing bars) to the maintenance of more than 10 days.

4. In order to maintain the appearance of beautiful manhole covers, surface texture and clarity of writing, at the time of application of asphalt pavement construction Sheet metal covers or cover on the waste oil and other brush to cover up, to prevent the oil sprayed on the asphalt covers; cement pavement construction time , the application covers the plastic film cover to prevent contamination of cement covers the surface, damaging the surface pattern, writing, and to be completed during the construction of water covers the surface clean today.

5. When installing manhole covers on the asphalt, we must pay attention to avoid direct construction machinery rolling well base, the whole cast upon the road, the road should be reserved well base slightly larger than the hole in the asphalt Puwan placement. Ensure the quality of the covers arranged to extend service life.


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